Welcome to my corner of the Internet 🤗

I’m Shraddha, a final year undergraduate student and soon to be a Software Engineer (cue 💃) who is passionate about building robust backend systems. I rave about Open Source Software and promote diversity in tech.

My recent gigs, that majorly helped me grow as a developer, include Google Summer of Code 2020 Student Developer with the Ceph Foundation, an Outreachy 2019 fellow with the Fedora Project, and a Software Engineering Intern with Hasura. You can find my resume here.

Outside of work, I read a tonne of 📚, capture beautiful moments on my 📸 and bake delish 🍪. These days I’m learning the chords to my favorite songs on my uke 🎸 and dreaming about long walks on the beach 🏖.

You can reach out to me on the mail or Twitter.